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Au Chakra Bracelet 1.0

$59 SGD


The Au Chakra 1.0 comes with a string of premium quality clear crystals, known as "Master Healers"  for their ability to amplify energy and thoughts. It is believed that clear quartz helps to ward off negative energy and attract positivity. 

The clear crystal bracelet is stringed with a faceted teardrop clear crystal charm surrounded by 7 stunning rainbow Swarovski crystals which represent the 7 Chakra colours: 

Ruby red for Root Chakra - Security, prosperity & passion
Bright orange for Sacra Chakra - Creativity & fertility 
Citrine for Solar Plexus - Self confidence, courage & enthusiasm
Peridot green for Heart Chakra - Self-love & compassion
Topaz blue for Throat Chakra - Truth & communication 
Tanzanite indigo blue for Third Eye Chakra - Intuition & foresight
Amethyst purple for Crown Chakra - Awareness & mind clarity 

This powerful combination keeps the wearer in alignment of the main 7 chakras in the energy centres of the body which act as conductors of our aura and enhance our overall wellbeing. 

 MATERIALS // Clear quartz crystals, Swarovski crystals and silver elements 

DIMENSIONS // Approx. 16cm in length

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