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Amp Pendant Lamp

$300 SGD


The Amp Pendant Lamp is the creation of Danish designer Simon Legald. The idea for the lamp's shape came when the designer was restoring an old 1960's radio at home. While searching for spare parts for the radio, he was captivated by the glow that emits from the tube amplifier. The simple oval shape and the glow of the lamp is an obvious reference to this, just as the name Amp refers to the English term; tube amplifier.

MATERIALS // Glass and marble

DIMENSIONS //  H 17cm x Diameter 14cm (S), H 26cm x Diameter 11.2cm (L)

- The bulb for Amp is a special EU - E14 (small socket) carbon filament bulb, but regular E14 bulbs can also be used.
- The lamp will be delivered with a 25 W bulb for the pendants.
- The pendants have 4m textile cords and fitting in a matching color.
- Does not include a hook for the ceiling.

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